Google AdWords: 4 Hints How to Advertise a Product

Google AdWords - How to Advertise a Product

Google AdWords is one of the move efficient and economical ways how to advertise a product that I have seen generate immediate results for a client.

1. ?Prospective customers use specific search terms to look for product and services.

2. ?Your ads appear when prospective customers use the keywords that you have selected for your ads.

3. ?Users click you ads and are directed to a landing page on your website where they?will hopefully make a purchase.

While the process is easy to set up and get running, I find these Google AdWords hints very helpful in making?an even greater impact on product sales for?my clients.


Google AdWords: 4 Hints How to Advertise a Product

1. Use 3-or-more words within your targeted keyword/phrase

As of today’s post, the estimated impressions and suggested bid (cost) that a marketer has available to consider advertising his home security product include:

home security
33,100 monthly searches ?(high competitive)
$27.61 suggested bid

wireless home security system project
50 monthly searches ?(med. competitive)
$ ? 1.77 suggested bid

As an advertiser within AdWords, you are only charged when a prospective consumer clicks your ad. ?For “home security”, you potentially could incur a $27.61 ad expense when the ad is clicked. ?Whereas, “wireless home security system project” would potentially incur a $1.77 ad expense per click.

Considering an estimated daily budget of $50, the advertiser choosing “home security” would potentially generate only 1 website visit per day from a prospective customer that searched “home security” and then clicked the ad. ?A greater opportunity seems to be available for the “wireless home security system project” search term that would potentially generate 28 website visits every day by prospective customers.

The more targeted customers you deliver to your landing page, the higher possibility you will have in generating product sales.

2. Focus your keyword efforts within a single ad group

You should consider testing 3-5 specific, targeted keywords and phrases within a single ad group with all of the ads directing users to a very targeted and conversion-optimized landing page on your website. ?Directing users who click your AdWords ads to a custom landing page delivers a much better user experience and a greater potential for higher product sales.

When you choose to use your home page as the destination link from your AdWords ads, you require your prospective customers to try and figure out where they are and then determine the best way to go in order to get where they thought they were going when they initially clicked the ad.

Avoid confusing your prospective customers by directing all of your ad clicks to a custom landing page that has been created and optimized specifically with your AdWords campaign and consumer conversion in mind.

3. Include negative keywords

After your AdWords ads are running for a few weeks, you should consider accessing the search report from AdWords to identify those “negative” search terms that delivered clicks to your website’s landing page but were?non-converting search terms.

You can easily flag these words as “negative keywords” to avoid future ad expense from these search terms that did not generate sales.

4. Test & Measure your Return on Investment

I strongly recommend you begin any AdWords campaign with a minimal budget in order to test the impact of the campaign.

Once the you have completed the test; and you have identified those keywords/phrases and high-performing ads that delivered?the best return on investment, you should pause all others and launch a full-on, higher budget AdWords campaign. ?The test period provides you with a proven expectation regarding the number of clicks and conversions your campaign will receive over the coming weeks.

And finally – in order to determine whether a campaign is successful, you will need to measure the impact that the AdWords advertising had on sales. ?Measuring the success of the campaign can be easily accomplished by simply setting up the following measurable tools:

  • Google URL builder is used to create unique and trackable urls that Google Analytics will report the details of the online behavior of those users who clicked the ads.
  • Goals within Google Analytics should be created in order to determine the number of conversions generated by the campaign(s).
  • E-commerce integration within?Google Analytics is the most efficiently way to monitor the actual sales of your products that were generated by the AdWords campaign.


Though there are many, many more layers to the Google AdWords opportunity, I do trust these initial hints are helpful as you set out to?test Google AdWords for your business. ?Please let me?know if there is any additional information or assistance that I may provide in order to see how Google AdWords can make an even greater impact on your product sales and business.


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