10 Things All Restaurant or Cafe Website Needs

To launch a website for your restaurant or cafe will be a nightmare if you are not aware of the things needed for designing it. To ease your process we have framed a default structure of contents to be present in your web design for a restaurant or cafe. The mandatory components for restaurant or cafe web design are as follows,

#1 – Name, Address, Phone Number & Hours making sure visible clearly & available in all pages

First and foremost, your name is your identity. Any living or non-living being is always identified with a name. Similarly, restaurant or cafe should be given a catchy name and displayed with attractive word art in a size responsive to the web design either in PCs or mobile. Location or address is the key when it comes to market a local business because whoever viewed your restaurant online should be able to visit it for a real-time experience that improves your conversion rate. Keep your contact details and working hours visible in two or more places on your website to help your customers reach you immediately when needed without letting them choose an alternative.

Social Media integration

#2 – Social Media integration (Insta & Facebook widget) to show and Easy to share option

In this digital era always give a chance to your customers to be in touch with you for feedbacks, future offers and to share your kinds of stuff by integrating your website with different social media platforms using the widget in your web design. This not only improves your community but also brings in new customers through the existing one. Ultimately, social media is the easiest and best way of reaching the maximum number of consumers in a short period of time.

Social Media integration

#3 – Display Menu clearly (In PDF) & Responsive in mobile

Not every time the visitors will be in front of a laptop or desktop to browse. In this fast-moving world, everyone claims to be smart by using their smartphones. This means that the majority of people spend 90 percent of their day with smartphones. To make these Smartphone users as your customer then be prepared to make mobile responsive web design with a clear display of the menu. Even though you make quality food, your menu should stand out and be clear to convert your website visitors to your consumers.

Display Menu clearly

#4 – Photos of Food – Attractive & Clear (Mention)

Photography is a form of visual art which conveys the message to your visitors in a creative, impressive and attractive form. Keep on writing words on your website to express your mind might not work all the time. Add some eye-catching colourful images of the foods in your list of the menu which makes the visitors mouth watering and also to fall in love at first sight with your restaurant menu. Make sure you use high-quality photos to avoid grains in the pictures when resized in responsive web design.

Photos of Food

#5 – About your Restaurant & Uniqueness

No matter what the age is, everyone is always ready to hear interesting stories, that too if it based on true events it sounds much better. Build a brand story for your restaurant or cafe, make it emotional and inspiring to others, showcase your uniqueness, and make the visitors to have a valid point for choosing you for today when there are thousands under your category. To make it more realistic, put on some visual representation (video) of your uniqueness in this business.

#6 – Online Ordering with payment option (Cash on delivery / Card / PayPal)

Instead of forcing your consumers to reach you for making a business out of them, you can rush to them in the form of door delivery. Make your visitors still more comfortable in their dining hall by delivering your tasty food through online orders. Help your consumers with different payment options suitable for them such as COD or Digital cash for your charges by mentioning it on your website.

#7 – Client Testimonials

Not necessary that always you should tell that you are good, let others tell the same. Most people trust others’ comment on you rather than your own. Encourage the customers to give feedback on your service. Include it on your website to let others know what your existing customers think. In recent times, even before going through your products or services, visitors concentrate more on existing customers review. This not only improves your credibility but also helps in self-improvement.

#8 – Booking online for Events or Table

Restaurants are not just a place to eat; it also creates a memorable experience for many by conducting and participating in various events. Include online reservation option in your restaurant web design for event reservation and table booking for parties, ceremony, etc.

#9 – Payment option (Cash on delivery / Card / PayPal)

Encourage different form of payments for the bills raised by you to avoid delay or discomfort for the consumers. Mention this as a key point in many places of your website so that the consumers would be worried only about how much to pay? Not how to pay?

#10 – Galleries of Photos & Past Events

Never forget the past, which is the reason for your present. Post popular events’ photos which happened in your restaurant earlier to attract the event organisers and to give more ideas on maximum usage of your halls and properties so that you can charge for it extra.

#11 – Blogs

Keep your visitors always engaged in your website by writing blogs on regular intervals regarding recent updates in your restaurant or in your category of business. Though they might not be planning to visit your restaurant or cafe or do any action in your site, at least let them spend some time on your site to reduce your website/webpage bounce rate, high bounce rate lowers your website rank in SERP.