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How To Write The Perfect Post

It is something we keep being asked seminar after seminar. What is the perfect status update looking like on Google+, Facebook or Twitter? Well, the answer is there is no secret sauce. Or maybe there is now? The guys from Mycleveragency have at least try to define it and put in as much knowledge as..

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How To Get Good Reviews & Testimonials That Drive Business

Testimonials on your website and other Web venues can help improve conversions. Good reviews on review sites like Google Maps and Yelp can help attract more people to check you out and also improve conversions. In this article, I’ll outline the steps we go through for ourselves and clients to increase the number of testimonials..

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Facebook Introduces Larger Images For Link Share Posts

An announcement by Facebook confirms what you may have already noticed through interacting with the social network this week; larger images are now standard for all link share posts. The goal behind this, Facebook states, is to make stories look “even more beautiful” as well as increase click-through rates on links with larger, more engaging..

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Is Google+ on Life Support11

The company on Thursday introduced a new flatter logo for its homepage, just a week after it was rumored to be working on a new look and sources familiar with the matter denied an update was under way. The news comes alongside an update to its Google Bar, which now includes an app launcher at..

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Google Introduces New Logo

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